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Frequently Asked Questions
Download the Application
Easy as 1 2 3

Your organization has the opportunity of the year to throw an Eat & Earn fundraiser at your local Chris & Rob‘s Chicago‘s Taste Authority.

It‘s Simple

Step 1: Fill out an Eat & Earn fundraiser application form, including date, time and location and email it to or fax it to 612-729-2030. You‘ll need your organization‘s Tax I.D. number.

Step 2: We'll contact you to confirm your event, and send an email with your Eat & Earn fundraiser flyer, customized just for you.

Step 3: Advertise! E-mail and hand out flyers to everyone you know (and even a few people you don't).

Step 4: Your charitable organization will get up to 15% of each sale when your flyer is presented to our cashier on the day/night of the event! Relax and enjoy your evening at Chris & Rob‘s knowing that you‘re making people happy and making money for your organization. Your big fundraiser check will arrive 4-6 weeks after the event.

When can I expect my check?

Your fundraiser check will arrive 4-6 weeks after your event. If it has been more than 6 weeks since your event and you still have not received a check, please contact our headquarters at 612-729-5507

How much money did my organization make at our fundraiser?

Please contact the General Manager of the restaurant where you held your Eat & Earn fundraiser to find out how much money your organization earned. Use our online store locator to find the phone number or address.

Tips to make your event a big, hot dog success

After you've reserved your Eat & Earn date, take these steps to create the biggest turnout and largest donation to your cause.

Put a flyer in your organization's newsletter.

Announce your Eat & Earn fundraiser on your website, and add a link to a downloadable PDF of the flyer.

Attach the flyer to an e-mail going out to the family, friends, office, etc.

Call your local newspaper. They're always looking for information on charitable events in the community.

Pass out flyers during the large gatherings, group meetings and area sporting events.

Announce the fundraiser on the P.A. system at a local event.

Most importantly, cast a wide net. Talk to everybody. The more people that come to your Eat & Earn fundraiser, the more money your fund-lovin' organization will earn. And don‘t worry if everyone can't stay for dinner. They can order take-out, too. (Sorry we can‘t include delivery orders in your Eat & Earn fundraiser.)